Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Garden in the last week of August

It's Thanksgiving weekend as I write this, the seeping damp is auguring more rain, and I am indoors, reflecting on the golden blur of August and September....
At our Garden Night on August 27th, we decided to begin harvesting the flax. It was ready -- 1 month after the first flush of bloom and the stalk yellowing from the ground up -- and I wanted to make sure that we weren't rushed to get it all in on the day of our Harvest Home Celebration, now just a little over a week away. 
 We also wanted to have a bit ready so we could practice our rippling (taking the seed-heads off)
Oliver toys with the weeds in front of the flax, now standing taller than his head
Our orange cherry tomatoes are a joy, an unexpected, abundant gift, we look forward to visiting each week
Georgia looks closely at the rhythmic pattern of the kernels in the heads of wheat

... and further testifies to the deliciousness of the cherry tomato
A jar of marigold solar dye -- fewer stems and green bits this time is giving it a warmer hue.
We started pulling the flax.
It was ready: one month after the flush of bloom, and the stalk yellowing from the ground up.
We carefully tied them up in bundles and hung them on our woven fence to dry.
Here are our bundles, seed heads down, hanging a bit helter-skelter from the prongs and nobs of the fence.

Brian stood in the middle of the wheat and snipped off stalks as he needed them,
working on a giant 'corn dolly' for our Harvest Home celebration on September 5th

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