Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Garden in the First week of September

After a bit of rain on the Labour Day long weekend, we were back to summer as usual in the first week of September.
Georgia, Oliver and I explored another way of being creative in connection with the land today: flower smash prints. It's a great activity for kids because of the hammering; and great for the grownups because the results, once cropped and mounted, are interesting and lovely to look at no matter what.
I also did this activity with some seniors, and though they needed some help with the hammering, they loved the results. We cropped the sheets of paper and mounted them on greeting cards, and they were thrilled to have something so lovely to send out to friends and family.

Oliver continues to gorge on the bounty of the epic cherry tomato plant...
Georgia clips the last of the blue flax blossoms to try out as a flower smash print

We did this on some oak-mordanted cotton I had made up... the marigold worked, and many of the greens;
sadly, the gorgeous blue flecks of the flax flowers turned out to be fugitive, and disappeared

Georgia practices 'rippling' (taking the seed heads off) some of the flax that we harvested the previous week

Brian got out his scythe and brought down the remaining wheat and oat straw, tidying things up in advance of the Harvest Home Celebration just a couple days away.

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