Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Our Wrap Up For This Year

We had our wrap up at the start of November, and got to spin the fibres we grew. What a terribly exciting thing to do! Here are some photos from start to finish of the experience. Also, please have a look at the eARThand Gleaner's website for more photos and writing on this project!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Another day of harvest

Yesterday was another successful harvest day at Aberthau.
We are storing the harvested dyes and basil in Caitlin's freezer to be used at a later day to make dyes and pesto in the coming months.

The Aberthau garden is flourishing, and we are quite sure we can continue to get more dyes and food from it for a few more months!

World Spin in Public Day

This Sunday from 12-3pm there will be a group of us hosting our version of worldwide spin in public day ( a week early)  at the Maclean Park Fieldhouse in Strathcona, come out, bring your wheel or drop spindle and spin with us in the park, we will also have the flax processing gear out and in motion....

Exciting Autumn Workshops

Please join us for this exciting series of workshops this Autumn!

Sept 21 1-3.30pm
A walk on the wild side of fibre...
Squamish Nation  weaver Tracy Williams and  environmental artist Sharon Kallis lead a short exploration into “ the wild zone” beside Aberthau Community Centre. Investigate both the  native and introduced plants growing here and the fibre potential and traditional uses in conversation with Tracy and Sharon. The group will then participate in   processing of some of the flax crop. Wear  sturdy shoes and long pants, full sleeves.

Sept 22 12-4pm
Brian Jones and Sharon Kallis flax/wheat-weaving 
harvest celebration first day of Autumn
Participate in our own version of the pagan tradition of weaving the “best of the crop” into a wheat dollie-  a sculpture that was kept inside by the hearth and ensured the wheat seeds were carried forward to another year. We will use some flax to weave a sculpture to be left outdoors in the centre of our field as a part of the winter installation to be made on October 26th

Saturday Oct 26  12-4pm
Weed-Weaving and Soil-Sculpture installation with Sharon Kallis- participate in sculpting the sandy soil at Aberthau and weaving end of season green-waste into a  winter labyrinth installation. The flaxfibrefood bed will be put down for the winter in fine style, working with what is available; sandy soil and bedding plant waste. At the heart of the labyrinth shall rest our flax woven seed offering ensuring a good crop for 2014. children 8+with adult supervision welcome
November 4, 5, 6th evenings 6-8.00pm
Flax Fibre processing: Sharon will lead all willing participants in exploring the alchemy of turning flax into gold, or shall we say, linen! The processes of hackling, scutching and breaking will turn our retted flax plants into linen fibre ready for spinning. The prepped fibre will be used for the Flax Sit and Spin Social  at Aberthau Registration: http://flaxprocessing.eventbrite.com/

Flax Sit and Spin Social
Thursday November 7th 6.30-9pm
Join resident artists Caitlin ffrench and Sharon Kallis for a social evening of spinning the flax crop from Aberthau. Bring your own drop spindle or spinning wheel, and we will provide the fibre- whatever we’ve got processed! A social night to mingle with other fibre friends, experiment with spinning flax and share your knowledge with your peers. Bring a favourite linen piece for our Showcase Table, and hear the “progress report” when Caitlin and Sharon give a brief talk about the flax=fibre+ food project.
No registration required.

Monday, 19 August 2013


Last Thursday was our Flax Fiber Food celebration, and it was a HUGE success!
First off, thank you to everyone that was able to attend. Your energy and enthusiasm helped make the night fantastic.
Also, Thank you to everyone that came together to create this night. We really couldn't have done it without such a great community.
And we got the flax harvested! It was amazing, and it was a great help to have everyone's involvement in the harvesting/sorting/bundling!

So again, thank you. 

Here is a link to the Flickr photos of the night