Monday, 23 June 2014

The Garden in the third week of June...

The weather has continued to be mild, with a good mix of sun and rain. The garden is continuing to surprise us with its good health and vitality.
Sharon Kallis, Georgia and Oliver check on the cereal crops

The Chinook wheat has 'ears' already -- much sooner than we expected.
This one stalk grew about eight inches more than all the others!

Our 'volunteer' tomato plant is looking pretty good, all things considered.

The flax is looking gorgeous -- week 3 

Georgia squeezes the dye liquid from the fleece we popped into the jar last week -- this is the dye made from purple pansies

We 'dead-headed' our flourishing crop of marigolds -- there must have been 5 lbs worth of blossoms -- and Sharon took them for drying so we can use them later in the season to dye some of our flax.

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