Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The garden in the second week of June...

Everything seems to be growing pretty well in this garden....

There's a huge range of heights in the grain crops; the oats and the Chinook wheat are tallest,
with the Utrecht Blue wheat smaller and the Einkorn almost dwarfish in comparison

We have lots of unexpected volunteers -- this is amaranth from last year's crop

The flax is picking up speed -- are those 3rd sets of leaves already?

David Gowman and Sharon Kallis visited us -- David brought his horns and was a huge hit with the kids
Oliver learned to play the horn and they all had a good time in an impromptu game of 'Go-Go-Stop'
Pansies were donated by gardeners deadheading the annuals at
Champlain Heights Community Centre
Pour some boiling water and let them steep to make a dye liquor....

Half the dye liquor went into this jar for 'solar dyeing' in the garden.
The other half of the dye liquor got cooked up on my stove top
to make this intriguing sea-green shade on some raw fleece,
seen here next to my rake straw spinner.

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