Thursday, 24 April 2014

Wheat and Oats Workparty

Brian, Gerry and I got out into the beautiful weather on Tuesday morning and planted our grains -- 
First weeding out the tiny maple seedlings that had taken root during the winter, flattening last autumn's labyrinth, and then tackling the big pile of compost that the Vancouver Parks crew had left for us, spreading it by wheelbarrow and shovel; then marking out beds, excavating shallow paths between them, planting, raking, and weaving a mesh of string overtop to discourage the birds.

Gerry heaves compost over the fence into the corner where the  Chinook wheat will go

Brian hauls compost; "Now I remember why I left the farm..."

Gerry takes a break from raking over the seedbeds to observe Brian carefully sowing in rows

The beds of grain with their rudimentary anti-bird measures -- Brian and Rebecca are both having nightmares that the crows will eat it all!

Brian and Rebecca proudly posing in the half-planted garden bed; the flax will take up the remaining area in May, planted later so that the main harvest will (weather co-operating) coincide with some of the grain harvest in early September.

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