Thursday, 10 April 2014

Aberthau Hedge Lay photos

The weather was volatile for our Hedge Lay event on March 29th, but the bit of rain that fell was hardly enough to dampen the fun. 
At the end, the sun came out and favoured us with this glorious warm light just as we were driving away...

Check out Sharon's Flickr set for the complete tale of this amazing event.

For those of you interested in the details, the fence was constructed of the following:
- Stakes of willow and red osier dogwood from MOP and Cottonwood Community Garden.
- Red osier (bottom layer) weavers from Vancouver Parks Board 
- Yellow willow weavers from Cottonwood Community Garden
- Hazel weavers (top edge, brown, twined) from MOP
- Quince buttresses donated by local community member

The bottom row of red osier weavers were planted into the soil at a 45* angle with the intention that they will root, and transition this structure from a fence into a living hedgerow.

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