Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Garden in the fourth week of July...

Some cooler temperatures and rain this past week, especially over the last day or so -- there was a heavy rainfall warning for yesterday evening, so we skipped our time at Trimble Park, did a quick check-in on the garden, and then moved up to the house to settle into the lounge. 

Last week was sunny and hot enough to dry marigolds in my backyard --
here is my daughter's rabbit, Gizz, testing them for flavour.
The big Catalonian tension trays I've made this summer are great for drying --
but with the clouds and moisture of this past week, I had to move everything indoors and resort to using my dehydrator.
Nancy Turner's books on First Nations food & plant technology make many references to things being dried over the fire -- and in this climate, I can appreciate why.

This photo is fuzzy, but I had to include it because I was so amazed at the nasturtiums --
last week they only had one or two blossoms, and this week, they're a riot of multiple hues!

The wheat is looking bedraggled now, but it's getting so close to harvest that I think it'll be Ok.
The heads are beautiful and coming out in their namesake colours -- Utrecht blue, Black Einkorn.

The flax is so tall! I'm astounded by its loveliness and vitality.

It's in full flower now -- right on the mark, or perhaps a little ahead of our  hoped-for timing.

The extraordinary heads of the 'Utrecht Blue'

The hazel stick continues to do so well! And we were convinced that hazel wouldn't sprout from cuttings....

Evidence of last week's raid on the Chinook by little thieves-in-the-night.
But maybe the eagles got them, or the owls? because it didn't seem that there had been any new damage this week.

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