Sunday, 25 May 2014

Our first evening get-together in the garden, Third Week of May

We had an intimate group out to plant marigolds, and we were all glad the rain held off until the following day. We look sort of serious in the photos, but in fact, we were having a hoot!
The marigolds are going to be used throughout the season for solar-dye projects -- within a few months you'll start to see our glass jars stuffed with flower heads and fibre, basking in the sun and smouldering into warm hues from the marigolds' rich colours.
Sharon inspects the beds of wheat, oats, and einkorn 

"Strawboss" Brian considers things...

Sharon plants some of our 250 Marigolds underneath the signboard
The crew that night: Sharon, Georgia, Brian, and David (and me, Rebecca, taking the picture)

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