Monday, 24 March 2014

Hedge Lay Workshop coming up...

A hedge 'laid' by Brian on his family's farm in Britain

Brian at planting time
on his family's farm in Britain
Here are a couple images from Brian's archive -- one of a hedge that he laid, and one of him planting.
As an aside, I'm not sure whether that gentlemanly sense of style is cultural, or unique to him? but not all of us manage to look so suave in our work clothes, that's for sure!

Speaking of looking suave in work clothes…. our upcoming Hedge Lay Workshop on Saturday will go ahead rain or shine, and since the forecast is for rain, be sure to wear your best boots, rain gear, and work gloves for the occasion.

Also bring a snack, and/or snacks to share, because we'll have breaks for hot tea; and it looks like the Tiddley Cove Morris Dancers may make an appearance to cheer us on!

Hope to see you soon….

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