Wednesday, 3 July 2013


We are getting our dates organized for our summer and autumn workshop serieses.
Here is a peek at just one of them:

Solar dyeing, and the magic of mordants
We will be cooking up stock solutions to show you examples of what changing a mordant can do to your naturally dyed fibre!
Want to see  alchemist magic!?

This is the magic of mordants...
1. Skein up two equal skeins of yarn
2. Put the skeins in their own jars, each the same size
3. Cook up your dye on the stove (I cooked onion skins)
4. Strain your stock solution
5. Add equal parts of the stock solution in each jar
6. In one jar put 18% Alum to your WOF (weight of fibre)
7. In the other jar put 4% Iron to your WOF (weight of fibre)
8. Label your jars
9. Put lids on jars
10. Put jars in a sunny window
11. Leave them alone for a month
12. Rinse the yarn
13. Fall in love with your fibre

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